The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

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Life is a gift - ours, and that of everyone else. We all have a divinely appointed role to play that no one else can. Once we awaken to that truth we are positioned and ready to live abundantly as we step onward in fulfillment of our destiny.  The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey is a pocket size guide to help you begin the journey. Just imagine a world where life is valued, nurtured and recognized for its' unique potential. A single flickering candle serves to lighten an otherwise dark place. Imagine if all of us as uniquely empowered individuals wove the tapestries of our lives together in a collaborative effort for good. The brilliance of that flame would illumine the world!

A 2nd print run of the booklet is now available.  Perfect for a keepsake or to personalize and sow as a gift of encouragement to others.

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Relish experience; value knowledge. Embrace the timelessness of wisdom and allow its principles to govern your steps.

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey


"The quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true and right, coupled with judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight; the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight; soundness of mind; enlightenment. Wisdom helps us to maintain perspective and serves to inspire". Wikipedia

"The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind" Kahil Gibron

It is said that wisdom is timeless; transcendent of ordinary counsel. Some are born with an inherent sense of it, while for others wisdom is accrued through a lifetime of hard fought experience. Whether you are counted among the elite sage of a generation as an individual naturally gifted of wisdom, one known to be of deep contemplation, reflection and insight, or you are a person whose sense of forbearance through many a trial as evidenced by way of stripe or scar has forged within you a deep sense of knowing and reason, regardless of form you exist a fount of knowledge, invaluable in resource to others.

I find it quite interesting that by definition the herb known as sage used in cooking has its root name derived from the Latin 'Salvare' which means to heal or to save. Cultivated throughout Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia Minor, it was very popular among the Greeks and Romans who used it for not only its preservative properties but also its medicinal. It was long revered as a wonder herb that cured disease, and was thought to have sacred qualities. There is a parallel to its counter, by definition: 'sage wisdom', for the purity and clarity of wisdom we hold in esteem, oft seeking its counsel to resolve or heal conflict, to aid in the making of judicious decisions, to realign, calibrate and balance perspective and to circumspectly contemplate and weigh an array of variable options. To abide, consent, or sit with wisdom therein is indeed a sensible goal.

Wisdom is to be cherished and thoughtfully shared by way of grace. Those who have traveled the road before us have very well borne much in the way of hardship in an effort to clear previously uncharted territory in order to open pathways to ease our journey forward; the torch for many has now passed. It is now we who must serve as wise and prudent counsel for those who follow in our wake. While we cannot walk in their stead for they too must persevere, we shall not hesitate to be the voice of experience, to serve faithfully as mentor, coach, guide and counsel.

"Learn from the ways of a seedling. A seedling which is never hardened off through stressful situations will never become a strong, productive plant." Stephen Sigmund.



Cast aside bitterness; forgive freely a perceived wrong. Allow peace to rest upon you. Be love, and then extend to others the love that you, yourself long to receive.

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

"... we are but a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes" James 4:14

In my role as a chaplain embedded within the First Responder community I am frequently called out to death scenes in order to provide care, comfort and counsel to the bereaved. While the circumstances leading to a given passing may vary considerably, often carried on sorrow's  breath are words left unspoken and vestiges of unresolved conflict. Brought back to remembrance in the midst of travail those gnawing wounds and weeping thoughts and reflection serve to further heighten grief's hold. 

Life is precious and but a whisper, yet somehow on our journey this side of the eternal we manage to ensnare ourselves and others in bouts of contention and strife. Unfortunately, we are seemingly all too quick to suppress and defer much needed resolution and restoration to some later time that never actually arrives, choosing instead to bury feelings of angst or offense deep within our bellies; consequently, the chains grow heavier. It's a weighty burden to bear my friend. It takes a sturdy willingness, determined sense of resolve and a healthy dose of humility to finally hit the pause button for sufficient duration to thoughtfully reflect upon the real or perceived transgression of another and in turn, to muster the courage to extend forgiveness.

It has been said that a lack of forgiveness is like consuming a daily dose of poison yourself and assuming the object of your angst will suffer the harm. Think about that for a moment. It's an apt description as in harboring offense you are engaging a stealth and powerfully negative force that serves only to drain your own life energy, one that is cause for the abrading of body, soul, mind, spirit and emotion. While perhaps cloaked in the harried busyness of our daily routine, remaining shackled to so insidious a foe as unforgiveness robs us of peace and diminishes our potential to live abundantly full and healthy lives. Give yourself a gift and lay it down dear one. Freedom and life await you.

"Courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace" Nelson Mandela

"... Some will come and some will go, we will surely pass; when the one who left us here returns for us at last. We are but a moment's sunlight fading in the grass ..." 

Performed by the Youngbloods



Serve others more than yourself. Your relationship to family, friend or stranger is everlasting in consequence. Lay the spirit of self down. Be the arms, hands, feet and if need be, the armor of another.

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

"Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends"John 15:13

Members of the armed forces and those who serve among the First Responder community regularly lay themselves down in service to others, conscious driven to perform for the greater good, safety and well being of their fellow citizen and the good of the community at large. It is no small thing to pause and consider so great a sacrifice. It would seem that on any given day we see yet another rallying of such heroism in response to a new act of terror or natural disaster. As of this writing yet again First Responders are fast at work digging through the rubble of a building collapse in Philadelphia; others remain on the scene of a catastrophic mudslide in Washington state, crews have been allocated to deal with the aftermath of devastating Tornados in the mid-west, while others are deployed battling the front-lines of wildfires in California and throughout the west. This week our First Responders paused briefly in solemn assembly to honor and pay their respect to their brothers and sisters in uniform who in an effort to rescue and assist others, themselves gave the ultimate sacrifice - their life. Still, they remain reticent to assume the title of 'hero' and yet without them the societal mores that underpin our culture would rapidly collapse into decay.

Can any one individual make a difference? The answer of course is absolutely yes, and you need not be a caped super hero! The human spirit is created to help. None of us were intended to walk this journey alone; first, however, we must take our blinders off. Too often we are caught up in the daily grind, our eyes fixed on surviving and transcending the next obstacle, focused on reaching that next rung on the ladder, securing the next big toy or engaging in some other unnamed distraction. We've slipped into complacency in our personal lives with oft times fracturing results; and, in losing ourselves and our sense of bearing, we've diminished our ability to positively influence society at large. It is no wonder that we find ourselves shaking our heads as we look at the world around us reminiscing about what had once been, and wondering "wow, what happened?" We simply must awaken from our slumber of apathy.

With sufficient resolve we can make a difference. Indeed, we will not change the world overnight but the journey must begin with one step, one small act of kindness forward. Momentum will follow. Giving the commencement address to the graduating class of 2014 at the University of Texas, Naval Admiral William McRaven illustrated the exponentially transforming work of such effort by challenging each graduate to aspire to change the lives of 10 people within the course of their lifetime, noting that should each of those 10 ultimately do the same and so forth, over the course of 5 generations, a mere 125 years, the 2014 graduating class standing before him will have changed the lives of 800 million people! Don't be discouraged. Start with your 'one'. The impact of your one act or one change may very well in turn trigger a series of events that exponentially transform the multitudes. The wounded and brokenhearted are drawn across our path daily - do you see them?


While walking along a beach an elderly gentleman saw someone in the distance who was leaning down, picking something up and throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer he noticed that the figure was that of a young man picking up starfish one by one and tossing each one gently back into the water. He came closer still and called out, "good morning, may I ask what it is that you are doing?" The young man  paused, looked up and replied "throwing starfish into the ocean". The old man smiled and said "I must ask then, why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?" To this the young man replied "the sun is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them in, they'll die". Upon hearing this , the elderly observer commented, "but young man do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and there are starfish all along every mile? You can't possibly make a difference!" The young man listened politely. Then he bent down, picked up another starfish, threw it back into the ocean past the breaking waves and said "it made a difference for that one".

Author unknown

Dear one, start with your 'one'!


You are resilient - believe it in your gut. When you fall, pick yourself up and cry if you must, laugh if you will, then dust yourself off and with the stubborn determination of a child's first steps, put one foot in front of the other and keep walking.

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Resiliency: "The power or ability to return to original form after being bent, compressed or stretched". Webster

The age that a child may begin to walk varies wildly from those early to strut at a wee tender age counted in just a few months, to 18 months or more. It's clear that those first tentative steps are on a little one's timetable and not ours, with some taking a more cautionary route waiting and watching before wobbling, while those who may be wired with a bit more spitfire and energy start off at a run and never look back. Regardless, as we learn to find our balance and put one little foot in front of the other in an effort to gain forward momentum those first steps are often shaky and interrupted with many a drop, plop and bounce. Is it any wonder that we carry a bit of extra padding on our backside? It's probably a good thing that we still do, as walking through this life as an adult is really not that different from our first wobbly steps as a toddler. Where a child may spot a bright and shiny toy that serves to draw them into previously uncharted territory or may be enticed to toddle by the encouraging words of an excited mom or dad waiting for them at the end of their journey, our own lives are full of many a twist and turn, glossy enticement, and unexpected happening that may serve to knock us off course or balance, and yes, may even cause us to fall. While our big people scars may no longer be representative of a skinned knee (well, truth be told there may be a few of those too!), and we may not bounce and roll as readily as a child, those experiences do tend to leave a scratch on our soul and just as with a little one first learning to walk, we, too, must learn to bounce back by picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, then must take a deep breath and with our shoulders back and head held high, we put one foot in front of the other and carry on. 

I have a dear friend who often uses the expression: "I'm being stretched like a Rubberband". Here's to the unending ability to bend and flex through trial and opportunity. 

Onward, dear one!



Shame represents self condemnation. Stop! Thoughts hold power and you have a choice. Allow the recording of the past or present to repeat in its taunting and you will remain confined to its influence. Instead, choose to think differently. It is said that the battlefield is the mind. How true indeed, as the fact that we are in control of our own thoughts means that our perception of gain or loss, wholeness or lack, value or insignificance really is up to us. Elect to dwell upon that which is good, lovely, hopeful and of promise. You are a cherished vessel and deserve the best - starting with your thought life!

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Stop right now! What were you just thinking? Can you categorize the thought as having been positive or constructive in nature? If not, change it - now. Use this moment as the first step towards analyzing the pattern of thought or perception that tends to be your default setting. Think about the probable influences that such thought stems from then do your best to stem the tide of so negative a contribution. You've learned from prior lessons just how unique and of value the gift of your life truly is. Indeed, you are simply remarkable! To believe that fact may take a concerted effort on your part to let go of the past along with those natty little whispers of thought that speak to the contrary, but in so doing you will be empowered to transform your life in a most positive way. It's time to clear out the cobwebs! Allow grace to permeate and govern the recesses of your thoughts as you meditate on that which is truly whole, healthy, and good. 

Envision the extraordinary best for your life then take a deep breath, go ahead and let that silly grin spread across your fact (are your cheeks tweaking yet?) and go ye forward! The best really is yet to be.


Life is an adventure so gather your courage and leap in! Go ahead and take the road less traveled. Explore unknown paths. Sail to faraway places. Slap a grin on your face and be the first in a group of strangers to say hello. The lives of the people you interact witn on this journey, whether deemed a long-time friend or a momentary acquaintance, will all be changed as a result of you - yes you, having crossed their path. Weave the tapestry of your life with a luminous array of colors. The course of history can change in a moment - be the spark that ignites the flame.

The Book of  You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Life's road is abundant with change ever contorting with many an unexpected twist and turn. To flex and roll with the ever changing tide is therein necessary for survival. Far too often we fight the current of change; with tight fists we cling, struggling to maintain our grasp of the familiar, afraid to step into an as yet to be unveiled tomorrow. Ironically, like it or not the one thing constant in life is change. We adapt and grow or we stagnate. I hearken back to the beginning of a significant transition in my own life when I was encouraged by a loved one to let go of the muddy and gnarly, albeit familiar roots on the bank of the river to which I so fiercely clung, to instead relax into the gentle waters, allowing the flow of the current of life to float me onward to my destiny, joyfully inspired by the unexpected channels and diversions presented along the way. To willingly lie down that which has been opens up a place in our soul to receive that which has yet to become. 

Are you ready to release that which has so readily entangled and ensnared you? New experiences, renewed growth and grand adventure await you!

Few are the hearty who plunge head-first into change when first confronted with a fork in the road; contemplative are those who pause and linger in stillness to weigh the probable outcome of the choice being presented. Where do you now stand, what choice has set itself before you? Do you secretly yearn for a new experience, adventure, change of environment or circumstance? Opportunity abides but a whisper away awaiting the simple willingness of your heart to cast itself to changes' embrace. Lovingly thoughtfully release your grasp and float - we just may pass each other in the current.


Your life has a unique beat - dance to the rhythm you hear with passionate abandon. Relish how absolutely extraordinary a gift it is to be alive and part of creation, then celebrate!

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Perhaps Henry David Thoreau said it best: "If man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." Music has the power to move us, literally; I mean, who doesn't find their toes tapping, fingers snapping or hips swaying (applause to all of you living room dancers who get your groove on when you think no one is watching) when a favorite tune hits the airwaves. Music has the ability to transport our thoughts and therein our emotions to faraway places. Perhaps you sail away on the Orinoco Flow with Enya when she sings, or imagine the feel of your toes wriggling in the warm, soft sand on a sun drenched beach when a Jimmy Buffet tune is playing. Rock, pop, jazz, maybe a little blues, country, classical, folk, gospel or hip hop, whatever your preferred genre of music or sound for that matter, it tends to resonate at a deep level, evoking memories and therein triggering an emotional and perhaps even physiological response. Music has the power to elicit a heightened state of agitation, or gently soothe a battle weary soul. To state it is a powerful medium is underwhelming in definition.

Just as with music, your life, too, has a rhythm. It's no wonder that people with a consistently positive disposition are referred to as having an "upbeat personality"; conversely, someone who functions in a more melancholy state is often referred to as being a bit "downbeat". It's been said that the key to really knowing a person is to know him or her like a song that is unique and has a particular meaning. Pause and think about that for a moment. It's an interesting premise and quite a lovely one at that. 

Science, particularly the discipline of physics, has determined that all matter has a distinct frequency at which it vibrates, the vast expanse of the universe itself to the smallest of microorganisms. Indeed, life at its very nucleus has a rhythm. Quiet yourself for a moment sufficient to tune into the rhythm of your life. Is the tempo in balance or out of tune? I am so excited and hope that you are too, not only to tune into the rhythm of my own life in an effort to discern the unique music that I project to the world, the "song' that I sing with my life, but also to lend a more discerning ear and to listen more engagingly to the song being played by all those whose lives are interwoven into my own. What an amazingly beautiful cacophony of sound if we but listen  and therein the challenge!

".. the rhythm of life is a powerful beat, puts a tingle in  your fingers and a tingle in your feet, rhythm on the inside, rhythm on the street oh the rhythm of life is a powerful beat ... to feel the rhythm of life, to feel the powerful beat, to feel the rhythm in your fingers, to feel the rhytm in your feet ..." Sweet Charity" 

Let's dance, dear one. Let's dance!



You have a song to sing and music to play that is distinctly yours; in  tune or out, sing loud and play strong!

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

As varietal birds sing out in a cacophony of individually distinct yet blended array, so too we as a people lift our individual and collective voices at times in solitary form, at others united in spirit and determination to speak towards a common resolve. It is not so much the tone and inflection that makes our voices stand out albeit their unique characteristics are a distinct and recognizable part of our being, rather its the words we choose to express that not only serve as a window into our character, but carry the power to influence and impact our immediate environ, the world that immediately encircles us, and per chance may even serve to provoke sufficient thought to move society at large. One need only look at the explosive influence of the internet and the burgeoning number of social media outlets and follow a few content threads to realize that our voices, our "song" so to speak, when given expression, can motivate, uplift, encourage and heal, or it can cut, wound and scar deeply as evidenced by the plague of on-line bullying currently afoot. Words, therein our voices, can lead to the downfall of a prominent leader, or can spark a fire of positive transformation; they can be the voice of change to rally a people to aspire towards a brighter, more hopeful future. Indeed, words therein our voice, our song of life, have extraordinary power.

I remember distinctly my first experience on Twitter during the uprising inside of Iran back in 2009. I sat transfixed through the night watching as individual voices in hiding rang out electronically from the darkened shadows, words, those simple little bits and bytes of characters at that time represented passionate cries for freedom, heartfelt expressions which carried with them a distinct risk to their authors of harm or perhaps even death if discovered. Individuals used the medium of Twitter in an effort to "get the word out" to the rest of the world regarding the truth of what was happening inside an otherwise oppressive and sequestered environment, programmers frantically working to remain one step ahead of the government censors in order to maintain an electronic gateway through which contact with the larger world would remain open and therein individuals and collective voices could be allowed to have their expression. Words were "given voice" throughout the Arab Spring" or so called awakening of 2011 as messages of assembly and encouragement poured out via Facebook and Twitter and other media from inside countries the likes of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, carrying a similar message and conversely, poured back into those same countries in reply to offer information, support and consolation to individuals and families separated by continents. 

Ah, the power of words to spark hope and spur change. How are you using your voice, your words?

In this post, along with previous commentaries, we've examined how others around the world have used their individual voices to achieve a collective sense of empowerment in an effort to affect significant change. How do you wield your voice? Within the dynamic of family, ministry, workplace, transport or play, it matters not the environment in which you sing out your words. Do you choose thoughtfully and carefully the words that you do speak? Will you choose to use your words and the expression of your voice to speak life into another? The next time you are in a position to dialog with someone stop and think first, then speak. Test yourself. What might you have said or written had you not first paused? 

Pick a day and challenge yourself to speak a word of kindness or to integrate a word of encouragement or positivity into each and every exchange. Sing your best 'song of self' into the lives of others and notice how the relational atmosphere changes and in turn how you yourself feel as a result.


You have a voice - use it to speak life. Allow truth, affirmation and encouraging words to permeate your bones and stream onward into the lives of others.

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue ..." Proverbs 18:21

We are born with a voice - raspy or tin, nasal or clear, loud or soft, its tone is often distinct and readily identifiable to those best known to us. Our true voice, that which springs from the innermost part of our being however is what carries power in this world. It is when we open our mouth to speak or to vocalize that things change - either for better or for worse. The wonderful reality is that we get to choose how we will yield the mighty vessel that our voice and words represent. 

I challenge you to pause and listen to the words that roll off your tongue once spoken. It matters not if the exchange is business, personal, civic minded or some other relational form. Be honest and truly think about what it is that you have said, or now speak. As we've identified, words have tremendous influence. Do you take time to formulate your thoughts before giving them voice? Upon reflection of past commentary or interpersonal exchange are you able to discern the true flavor or intent of the message that you were attempting to convey? Did you receive the reaction that you had intended? If not, how might you have expressed yourself differently? 

It's so very essential to listen attentively, think and then to vocalize. It's imperative to be cognizant and present with our thoughts and therein corresponding voice. Awareness in the moment you speak is essential. We have established that your voice has power and power is not to be abused. Listen first and when appropriate to speak and only then, do so in a spirit of truth and love. Speak words of life and edification into the lives of others. Be an encourager, a positive influence. Choose to build others up rather than tear them down, to lift their heart, rather than continually exist within self. Use your voice, your power to transform lives for the better. Are you ready to begin? Your next word is but a breath away - make it a life changer.


You are absolutely brilliant just as you are; in fact, your life shines brighter than a carpet of stars suspended against a midnight sky. The light that rests upon your soul will brighten even the darkest of places. Glimmer with all that you have in you!

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

The world around us right now is fractured. It's crunchy out there! Some would even suggest that as a people we have lost our way altogether and have given ourselves over to the darkness that surrounds us. I understand the perception. Just listen to the news on any one night and you will hear stories of war, conflict and strife, the latest child abduction, famine, an unprecedented increase in natural disasters, the ongoing threat of terrorism, what had been an unstable stock market and  unemployment in the tens of millions, corruption and any untold manner of unimaginable depravity. Enough - you get the picture 

For some, men's heart truly have grown cold; for others, a sense of hopelessness has settled in. It's no wonder that anxiety, depression and suicide are on the rise. When we are stumbling around in the dark and have seemingly lost our way, when uncertainty is allowed to take hold, we humans begin to lose any sense that a new day will ever dawn, one that once again offers hope, choice and opportunity. On September 11, 2001, a particularly dark day in America's history, horrendous acts of terrorism befell the United States. American citizens along with people all around the world recoiled in horror at such an evil act, reeling in shock and profound sorrow in response to so heinous an attack; fear and a sense of unsettled being reigned. In the days immediately following we collective wondered what the future beheld perhaps even questioning whether or not we would have a tomorrow. I remember standing on the shore of a lake the morning after the attacks and as I looked out over the mist covered waters and upwards to a cotton candy colored sky it struck me - we'd been given another day. The evil, darkness and hopelessness of the prior days' events had given way to a new dawn. While in a state of stunned mourning, hope had arisen with the dawning of a new day. 

Each day we awaken to draw breath is a gift, it represents a new beginning. What we choose to do with that gift rests ultimately upon our shoulders. We can make a difference with our daily beginnings. We carry a precious light within ourselves, one that is pure. If exercised and given voice, that light can manifest itself through delightful acts of goodness, kindness, nurturing, gentility and compassion. 

Open your eyes and look round you. So many are wounded and hurting right now and are in need of a ray of hope. You have the ability to shift the atmosphere within your sphere of influence be it one man, woman, one heart at a time. Begin you must. It only takes a single match to light a flame. Just imagine what you can do to cast light into the world. I say "SHINE BABY, glimmer with all that you have in you!

"... this little light of mine I'm a gonna let it shine, this little light of mine, I'm a gonna let it shine, this little light of mine, I'm a gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine". Harry Dixon Loes. 

(Oh come on go ahead and sing. I know that you want to)!


The thumbprint of your life is unique. You were designed with talents and abilities that are distinctly  yours to explore and in turn sow into the world - no one but you can make that contribution. Large or seemingly small, the imprint that you make with your life on the world is profoundly special.

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Go ahead and place your fingers and thumb on an ink pad then press them on a piece of clean paper, carefully lifting your hand so as not to leave a smudge (you can have fun with that later!). Now take a look at the impression - notice all of the wonderful, swirly, curly lines? They are distinct and are recognized as uniquely yours! That's why a background check will include a run of your fingerprints ... no one else in the entire world has that exact pattern but you. Fingerprints are used in some environments to provide touch pad security access, and have also been used at select point of sale terminals in lieu of cash to complete a transaction. 

Your fingertips project a visible cue of just how unique your life truly is - and the differences are not limited to your physicality. You alone possess a specific pattern of thought which has been shaped and refined by the totality of your experiences to date and that includes how you were parented, the early influence of your friends and neighbors, your experience in the educational arena, your professional and personal profile and subsequent adult interaction. Some people are introverts; others proudly wear the banner of extrovert. Some are adventurous, some even self professed adrenalin junkies who thrive on the edge where others play it a bit more on the safe side. Physicality, personality, portfolio or idealism, it matters not. It simply illustrates the gift that is you.

It is no small feat to hit the pause button, sit in silence and ask the question: who am I? I am challenging you to do just that right now in this moment. Are you able to identify all of the contributing influences in your life? How do you see yourself - are you generally content, under construction or dissatisfied? You alone have the power to change yourself, to calibrate your course and adjust your life for the better. It simply takes an act of will.

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff. Now that you are properly enlightened, grab that ink pad and paper and have at it. It's not quite the old sloppy colorful smelly finger painting we did as children for it is a bit more constrained medium, but have fun nonetheless. See what delightful images you are able to create with 'your' print!


Your life has tremendous value. Think about it for a moment - in all of eternity past, present and future there will not be found another you!

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Still yourself for a few moments and allow your mind to drift a bit. Begin to reflect upon your life to date. What images come immediately to mind? Yes, I know this simple exercise can perhaps be overwhelming, so go ahead and pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Now exhale. Do your best to separate and identify how you are feeling about the positive interactions that you have had, the good that you have done vs. any negative (unintended or otherwise) exchange or deed that you have been a party to. You should notice a physiological difference between the positive and negative response as each remembrance has emerged. 

We so often rush through life quickly setting about to accomplish our appointed rounds, yet fail to comprehend the impact that our life has on the people, circumstances and environment surrounding us, either good or bad. Now that you are more cognizant of the impact of your life, your words and your actions, determine whether or not calibration of the same may be necessary. Tomorrow holds the promise of a new day and a fresh start. Challenge yourself even if but for the next 24 hours to sow acts of goodness, kindness and generosity to all persons who are woven into your path. Be aware of their response to you and how it may differ from what you are acclimated to, and then at the end of the day think about how you feel. Your life is precious and has the power to transform. Use it for good!



You are wildly and wonderfully made. Your life has been created with loving purpose and intent. You have a role to perform that is uniquely yours to play - do it with gusto!

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Your life has been intricately and marvelously designed. Your steps are ordered and you have a destiny and purpose to fulfill on this earth that no one else can. In all of history past, present and future there will never exist another you! You truly are an extraordinary creation. It's a bit like the movie: "It's a Wonderful Life" where the main character George Bailey, who is played by actor James Stewart, is unexpectedly cast on a supernatural journey accompanied by an angel named Clarence. The excursion is specifically designed to demonstrate to George how the town and community in which he lives and works, along with the lives of his friends and family members would have turned out demonstrably different, actually quite poorly, had he not been born. In our own day to day functioning we often fail to realize the impact of one life - ours, on the lives of those around us. One day we will see how the unique puzzle piece of our life has had a full and transformative impact on the world around us. It will indeed be an awe inspiring moment yes, yet I imagine also an 'ah, I see it now' one!

Carve out some quiet time to reflect upon the totality of your life to date. Think about all of the people who have been woven into your path however brief or elongated the engagement or exchange. What was the context of your interaction -was the exchange positive or negative? How did, or might what you have said or done affected their life? Imagine for a moment having not been a party to the exchange or how a different response on your part might have changed the result. 

The world is different simply because you exist. You have the power to make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of all persons drawn to you. Challenge yourself to make each exchange a healthy one. Onward little puzzle piece. The world awaits the fullness of your contribution


The whole earth has  been waiting for the gift of your life to awaken. You see you are unique and the world is simply not complete without you!

The Book of You - Simple Truths to Reawaken the Journey

Take a few moments to reflect upon yourself - it really is okay! What are your physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics? What is your personality like? How would you describe your character versus how others would describe you? What is your outlook on life? How or what do you think have shaped your perspective? What is different about your physical make up, your current mindset? What adventures have you had in your life to date? In your wildest dreams what would you hope to do next? What have you done in terms of vocation? What did you like or not like doing. Have you yet had the chance to serve as a volunteer. How do you see the totality of your life experience having unfolded to date - do you notice a pattern? 

You are quite unique and that's totally awesome. Think about it, in all of history past, present or future there has never been nor will there ever be again another you, and that my friend demonstrates the power of a single life - yours!

Identify an opportunity and create a safe environment in which to elicit honest feedback about yourself from friends and family members, the folks you feel know you best. It's important to conduct a fair assessment of self from time to time, however you just might be surprised at the response you receive from others, input that is critical to identifying what, if any calibration or change of behavior may be necessary. While you know yourself best in terms of character and essence of true motivation, it is essential to elicit an honest response from others. Listen! Allow the individuals that you've selected to speak and do so uninterrupted. Take notes if you must. Allow that input to roll around in  your thoughts a bit. How does it differ from what you know of, or how you perceive yourself to be? If the variances are wide feel free to prompt for additional information.

You are wildly, wonderfully unique and that makes the imprint of your life on the world extraordinary. You see, the world really has awaited the fullness of your conscious arrival. Muscle up your very best and go forth with vigor!