Curious about who it is that created this website (hey, you flipped the page!)? It all began many years ago in a town far away; it was a bright spring day when … I digress. Well, it really was a pleasant evening in April. Anyway, everything since then has been a bit of a blur. That's what years ground upon the millstone of life may do, will it not? Who am I? Why me, why this? I'd often pondered. Upon reflection I noticed that a steady stream of broken hearts and fractured souls were regularly being drawn across my path. Oh the stories and modalities of the afflictions and struggles being experienced by those precious ones entrusted to me might differ in influence be it alcohol, drugs, emotional dysfunction, and abuse in its varying forms,  incarceration, and suicidal ideologies - the common thread: a lack or diminished sense of self worth. It's really quite amazing how that nasty little void in our armor tends to create a vacuum with an insatiable appetite for destruction - namely ours, creating collateral damage along the way. I found myself picking up shattered pieces, stitching wounded souls together for their fortification and sowing life giving truth along the way; well, allow me to clarify that statement as I was simply the conduit. The ability to 'see' the heart of another and to discern their divinely appointed purpose, well that gift flows from the throne of a Living God and no other. I'm just along for the ride and what a ride it is. To see others awaken to recognize their intrinsic sense of self, to embrace their renewed sense of purposing, to watch as they take their first tentative steps to freedom while casting aside the chains of the past that had so readily entangled and clouded their vision, well words are simply insufficient to express the reward of having been present for, and been given the opportunity to applaud such grand transformation!